Who we Are

HEALTH DIVISION of E2S3 , and its ESterilizer brand were born in 2019 from a JV with the SERVICE DIMENSION , established in Bitonto (BA) in 2011, which operates in the medical sector through the offer of devices for environmental sanitization mostly used in hospitals.

The reference context

The delicacy of medical production systems and the characterization of a market demand strongly linked to the expectation of a tangible result, pushed the organization to implement a sanitization system, adopting a company policy aimed at continuous improvement the set of company activities and setting the basic principles on which to define their quality objectives and targets in terms of customer satisfaction.

Sanitizers for environment

  • The product is designed, using an appropriate nebulized sanitizer, to reduce almost totally the biological contamination on objects and surfaces in hospital, school, transport, offices, hotels, homes and other public spaces.
  • Environmental sanitization service, developed through a new technology which generated the new " SANISIM " CE marked, using a suitable nebulised sanitizing product, " SANISIM SOLUTION ", Allows to break down almost all the bacterial, fungal and viral load present in the environments, especially in the hospital. The assembly " SANISIM " and " SANISIM SOLUTION " is covered by an international patent.

Thanks to the JVs between the two companies, SANISIM equipment will be marketed in the rest of the world by E2S3 with a special brand: but they will always be produced by Dimensione Service which will guarantee perfect congruity with standards and certifications so far acquired or that will be acquired later.

Reference markets

Dimensione Service is positioned as one of the main partners in the national public and private healthcare sector with a particular focus on the components related to the environmental sanitation service.
E2S3, under the ESterilizer brand, is positioned as one of the main partners in the private sector with a particular focus on abroad and in the food sector.
The service, validated by experimentation methods developed in collaboration with accredited laboratories, has expanded its reference market reaching new operating sectors such as the food industry, schools, public transport, hotel rooms, offices, homes and much more even.


In order to offer the most suitable solutions to the different needs of customers, Dimensione Service has established important partnerships with leading companies in the production of cleaning and sanitizing products, which therefore acts as an interface to the national public and private health service developing innovative solutions. with a view to improving the quality of life of users.

Distinguishing features

The distinctive features of E2S3-Dimension Service are:

  • A flexible structure, able to anticipate customers' needs and satisfy them, with organizational models centered on extremely specialized and competent professional figures able to create advantages from mutual synergy;
  • The quality of the products guaranteed by product certifications according to the Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and the Directive 2006/42/EC relative to the machines;
  • Continuous control of the entire process for environmental sanitization, in compliance with current laws and regulations;
  • Continuous attention of the Management to the training and information needs of employees, so as to guarantee the constant participation in courses and meetings organized at headquarters or at external training bodies, in order to have highly skilled workforce, both from a technical point of view , both in terms of occupational safety;
  • A commercial policy that is dynamic and attentive to the market and to customer needs. Customer support is mainly achieved through assistance initiatives in the phase of specifying contractual requirements and investing in direct and progressively involving interface services. The overall service offered to customers is precise, personalized and timely.