What is the ESterilizer sanitization system?

ESterilizer which constitutes a new technology to eradicate nosocomial pathologies in the treatment environment.
The automatic disinfection system ESterilizer , uses a dry misting technology of the disinfectant product SANISIM SOLUTION (self-produced) and able to obtain high efficacy and efficiency in the disinfection and ensure high safety and ease of use.

The ESterilizer device operates by generating a high kinetic energy cloud. using a spray technique that generates a lot of drops thin of disinfectant product suitable for the environment to be sanitized.
The cloud is formed by droplets with a diameter between 6µm and 9µm on average Gauss.
The purpose of this technology was to evaluate the effectiveness of the process ESterilizer in the Hygiene Department of the University of Bari in real conditions of use.
The research test was based,according to the standard NF EN 1040, on a series of samples of surfaces distributed in the environment of a test room of about 48m³ it was thus measured the effectiveness of the ESterilizer process by comparing the "before/after" process.
The tests were therefore repeated several times and in different environments and countries in order to validate the effectiveness of the treatment in different conditions and for different contaminants; they were also performed both in the field and in the laboratory. The results confirmed the effectiveness of environmental sanitization in almost all cases.

The mechanisms of action are as follows:

Oxidizing action of hydrogen peroxide : Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent capable of eliminating pathogens with which it comes into contact through the hydrolysis of free radicals.
It is active against a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores) and is considered an effective and safe disinfectant.

Hydrogen peroxide generates:

  • an oxidation of the lipid structures of the membranes;
  • an alteration of ribosones and nucleic acids.

Silver ion action : The silver ions act as a catalyst and complete the bactericidal action, inactivating pathogens through the inhibition of protein synthesis and at the same time ensuring the prolongation over time of the biocidal action, avoiding its proliferation.

Silver ions generate:

  • an inversion of the polarity of the membrane with consequent alteration;
  • an inhibition of protein synthesis.

The combined system ESterilizer + SANISIM SOLUTION therefore makes use of:

  • of the CE marked ESterilizer medical device, a fully programmable device that delivers 3 (preventive) to the environment at 6 (complete) ml / m 3 ( with the possibility of modifying these values ​​in order to adapt even to more resistant bacteria ), through the atomization of particles with a diameter between 6 µm and 9 µm in average Gauss.
    The application is integrated into an electronic control system and the functions include control of the used and residual volume of the disinfectant product.
    The system implements automatic and permanent data logging. The user has the option to extract, with the aid of a computer, the recorded data and print them, of the liquid, medical device, sanitizing ESterilizer Solution, a sanitizing solution composed of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions.
    During delivery, the ESterilizer SOLUTION turns into a dry mist, made up of billions of droplets loaded with peroxide molecules. hydrogen and silver positive ions, which are evenly distributed over every cm 3 of the environment.

ESterilizer in action with the spray phase of the disinfectant product

The ESterilizer device is a fully programmable device. The application is integrated into a system electronic control and functions include control of the environmental volume to be treated and the product residue sanitizing in the tank.

Types of sanitizing treatment with the ESterilizer process:

  • COMPLETE sanitization nebulization with a concentration of 6ml/m3
  • Sanitization of MAINTENANCE nebulization with a concentration of 3ml/m3

The parameters to be recorded for each room to be disinfected are:

  • the level of disinfection;
  • the quantity of product to be sprayed;
  • the time required for the operation;
  • the volume of the room;
  • the date of the operation;
  • the place and other useful data.

It has security functions with the traceability that is obtained by typing in the system, every time before disinfection, the parameters of the disinfectant product and therefore the recording of the cartridge data in the control system of the appliance, thus ensuring traceability of the product used.
A set of sensors, connected to the control system, allows the user to measure and adapt the output flow of the dry cloud and compare it thanks to an integrated calculation program with preset fixed parameters that have been set.
This system allows the instrument to automatically deactivate the device in case the quantity of product in in relation to the number of operations performed is no longer sufficient for further disinfection, forcing the operator to add other product with the same code and the same chemical composition.

Characteristics of ESterilizer

The device is fully programmable to meet all disinfection needs and is equipped with an easy-to-use electronic control system.

  • Check the quantity of product in the tank.
  • Control of the spray duration according to the level and volume of the room set.
  • Control the quantity of product to be consumed according to the volume and level set.
  • Automatic recording of the processing parameters.
  • Extraction of the parameters of the processes carried out through the data socket for the connection to a PC and therefore the printing of all the information.

The electronic system supplied with the device implements the possibility of store other safety and traceability parameters such as:

  • Date and time,
  • Indication of the body where disinfection is carried out,
  • Department name,
  • Indication of the room,
  • Product name used,
  • Batch number of the product used,
  • Expiry of the product used,
  • Name of the technician who starts the disinfection,
  • The body / company to which the technician belongs,
  • Name of the person in charge of the department where the disinfection takes place.

In addition, the device has the possibility of performing the self-calibration for the quantity of product to be sprayed according to predetermined parameters and according to the different volumes.

Procedure for a disinfection cycle.

  • Power on the device.
  • Waiting for automatic software loading.
  • Entering parameters.
  • Product level control according to the entered parameters.
  • Possible addition, through the dedicated orifice, of the product with the same batch number as the one contained in the tank.
  • Activating the system.
  • Wait 20 seconds (programmable) to leave the room.
  • Start spraying.
  • Nebulization according to the time established by the parameters previously entered.
  • End spraying.
  • Automatic device reset to initial condition.

It is possible to control the whole process externally from the room through a PC connected to the Wi-Fi generated by ESterilizer.


Maintenance simply involves:

  • Careful external cleaning of the device with a damp cloth, if necessary use a common mild non-aggressive detergent, before and after each activity;
  • Drain the condensate accumulated during the process by operating the appropriate valve located under the lower panel.
  • In the event of operating anomalies, contact the manufacturer.