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Professional & Multi Envirorments

The sanitization SA PRO-ME system with SANISIM system is a system that allows to heavily reduce the biological contamination on objects and surfaces, even if they are not accessible, through a nebulization process of the Sanisim Solution disinfectant product evenly distributed in the environment to be sanitized.

The Multi Environment system includes the installation, inside each room, of atomising nozzles (Nebulizer), normally positioned on the ceiling and in the centre of the environment. Large rooms may require two or more nebulizers.
The nebulizer is usually fixed in the centre of the room to allow the 360 ° diffusion of the dry fog. The micro-drops have a three-dimensional diffusion that allows not only their descent from the top to the bottom, but also the possibility of reaching the ceiling and the most hidden interstices.

The micro-drops in fact are laid on all the reachable surfaces even those at the top and those placed under tables, chairs, equipment, etc. The radius of the atomizer is about 9 meters.

ESterilizer PRO-ME has very small dimensions and weight and can be installed in all environments or technical areas outside the environments subject to treatment, however in a place no more than 25 meters from the rooms. The operation of the system can also be entrusted to unskilled personnel, provided that they are adequately informed and trained.

Dimensions: 1000mm x 470mm x 600mm or 39.37” x 18.50” x 23.62”
Weight: Kg 230 or 507.6 lb


The Multi-Environment sanitation system is designed to guarantee hygiene and collective health in various areas:

  • 1. Hospitals;
  • 2. Dental offices;
  • 3. Medical clinics;
  • 4. Schools;
  • 5. Hotels;
  • 6. Offices;
  • 7. Restaurants;
  • 8. Gyms;
  • 9. Food companies;
  • 10. Pharmaceutical companies;
  • 11. And so on……

  • For Instance, if used in an open- space office, it can reduce the bacterial load of the environment to that of a single day. This means that the staff will be happier working in an environment a bacterial load very low, and the management will be happy because there will be fewer sick leave.