Professional Stand Alone for Midsize Environments
Technologies at the service of the community

Dimensions: 500mm x 300mm x 400mm or 19.68” x 18.81” x 15.75”;
Weight: Kg 25 or 55.11 lb;
ESterilizer SA PRO has very small size and weight
and can be easily transported by hand and used in all environments

Professional for Midsize Envirorments

ESterilizer SA PRO is a professional equipment that can be easily transported from room to room.

The nebulizer, equipped with 2 nozzles, that allow correct diffusion of the dry fog.
The micro-drops have a three-dimensional diffusion that allows not only their descent from the top to the bottom, but also the possibility of reaching the ceiling and the most hidden interstices.

The micro-drops in fact are laid on all the reachable surfaces even those at the top and those placed under tables, chairs, equipment, etc.


Stand Alone Pro sanitation system is designed to guarantee hygiene and collective health in various areas:

  • 1. Hospitals;
  • 2. Dental offices;
  • 3. Medical clinics;
  • 4. Schools;
  • 5. Hotels;
  • 6. Offices;
  • 7. Restaurants;
  • 8. Gyms;
  • 9. Food companies;
  • 10. Pharmaceutical companies;
  • 11. And so on……

  • For Instance, if used in an Dental office, it can reduce the bacterial an load of the environment to that of a single day. This means that the staff and patients will be happier to come in an environment where bacterial load very low, and less rissk for patients.